ONE Strawweight World Championship bout: Yoshitaka Naito (C) vs Joshua Pacio
Pacio dominated striking and grappling exchanges for three rounds. Towards the end of the third however, Naito capitalized on a mental error by Pacio, who appeared exhausted, to latch on a deep rear naked choke.
Yoshitaka Naito def. Joshua Pacio via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) @ 1:33 minutes of round 3

Aung La N Sang vs Michal Pasternak
Aung dominated with pinpoint accurate striking and exceptional cage control. Pasternak was a bloody mess by the end of the bout. All three judges scored in favor of Aung.
Aung La N Sang def. Michal Pasternak via Unanimous Decision (UD)

Phoe Thaw vs Saw Yan Paing
After a scramble for position on the ground, Thaw lands in full mount and finished with ground-and-pound.
Phoe Thaw def. Saw Yan Paing via TKO (Strikes) @ 3:23 Round 1

Muin Gafurov vs Kevin Belingon
Belingon stifled Gafurov with his inside and outside leg kicks, and countered the Tajikistan fighter whenever he tried to close the gap for a takedown. Belingon’s strikes were more accurate and more powerful, earning him the judges’ nod.
Kevin Belingon def. Muin Gafurov via Unanimous Decision (UD)

Yusup Saadulaev vs Jordan Lucas
Saadulaev’s only gameplan was to take this fight to the ground, and once there, to work his magic. That he did. On the mat, Lucas was easy prey for this BJJ black belt “Maestro”. Saadulaev executed a modified rear naked choke to force the tap.
Yusup Saadulaev def. Jordan Lucas via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) @ 4:28 of round 1

Bashir Ahmad vs Mahmoud Mohamed
Bashir Ahmad patiently waited at range before taking Mahmoud Mohamed down and securing the heel hook with ease. Mohamed taps to the pain and hobbles on his leg afterwards.
Bashir Ahmad def. Mahmoud Mohamed via Submission (Heel Hook) @ 1:23 of Round 1


BOUT 3: Myanmar Featherweight Tournament Alternate Bout
Saw Ba Oo earned the second victory of his young professional mixed martial arts career by defeating Kyal Sin Phyo by unanimous decision.
Saw Ba Oo def. Kyal Sin Phyo via Unanimous Decision (UD)

BOUT 2: Myanmar Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final
Saw Yan Paing def. Ye Yint Aung via Unanimous Decision

BOUT 1: Myanmar Featherweight Tournament Semi-Final
Phoe Thaw def. Kat Pali via Technical Knockout @ 0:22 of Round 1

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