BRAVE CF returns to Germany on December 17th in association with NFC

BRAVE Combat Federation has a new date with German mixed martial arts, as the fastest-growing organization in the world returns to Germany, set for December 17th, in Dusseldorf. The show will take place once again in association with partners NFC (National Fighting Championship), with a hybrid card for all European fans to rejoice.

As is the norm with all BRAVE Combat Federation cards, athletes from across the globe will face off against the top fighters from the host nation, with the likes of Joilton Lutterbach and Marcel Grabinski likely to see action at the next BRAVE CF event in Germany.

The second-ever Germany show follows the tremendous success achieved by the partnership between BRAVE CF and NFC with BRAVE CF 61 / NFC 10, which took place in August, in Bonn and elevated the entire MMA scene in the country and beyond, with several heart-stopping moments, and jaw-dropping knockouts.

Germany also holds a special place in BRAVE Nation hearts, as the first event there officially put BRAVE Combat Federation on top of the list of most-traveled organizations in the sport, as Germany was the 28th nation to host a BRAVE CF event.

While no fight card has been announced, European fans can expect once again the top fighters from around the globe taking on the top local talent in amazing match-ups.

Author: Fight Game Asia

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