BRAVE CF launches official rankings ahead of BRAVE CF 62

The fastest-growing organization in the world BRAVE Combat Federation has announced its official rankings ahead of its 62nd fight night, which is set for Almaty, Kazakhstan, on September 30th, in association with Octagon League.

The divisional rankings will be put forward after each event as the organization looks to give its ever-growing fanbase a direct look at its match-making and how that affects each of its divisions going forward.

The panel will be made up of international journalists, hailing from Africa, South and North America, Middle East, Europe, and Asia, and will be aided by an internal panel with voting rights equal to all of its members.

BRAVE CF currently has world champions at Bantamweight (Brad Katona), Lightweight (Ahmed Amir), and Super Lightweight (Eldar Eldarov), so these names won’t be a part of the official rankings, but the exciting Flyweights are currently led by Ali Bagautinov (#1) and Velimurad Alkhasov (#2), who will face off in the final of the Flyweight Tournament, which will decide the first-ever BRAVE CF 125-pound world champion.

At Featherweight, the stand-out names are the undefeated Tae Kyun Kim at #1, and Roman Bogatov at #2, with Gamzat Magomedov (#1) and Alexander Keshtov (#2) the other big names at Bantamweight.

The rankings are as follows:

Flyweight – vacant title
1 – Ali Bagautinov (Russia)

2 – Velimurad Alkhasov (Russia)

3 – Asu Almabaev (Kazakhstan)

4 – Zach Makovsky (USA)

5 – Jose Torres (USA)

Bantamweight – Brad Katona (champion)

1 – Gamzat Magomedov (Bahrain)

2 – Alexander Keshtov (Russia)

3 – Hamza Kooheji (Bahrain)

4 – Kasum Kasumov (Russia)

5 – Nkosi Ndebele (South Africa)

Featherweight – vacant title
1 – Tae Kyun Kim (South Korea)

2 – Roman Bogatov (Russia)

3 – Omar Solomanov (Ukraine)

4 – Nemat Abdrashitov (Kyrgyzstan)

5 – Ilyar Askhanov (Kazakhstan)

Lightweight – Ahmed Amir (lineal champion)

1 – Abdysalam Kubanychbek (ic) (Kyrgyzstan)

2 – Sam Patterson (England)

3 – Kamil Magomedov (Russia)

4 – Akhmed Shervaniev (Russia)

5 – Lucas Martins (Brazil)

Super Lightweight – Eldar Eldarov (champion)

1 – Joilton Lutterbach (Germany)

2 – Mihail Kotruta (Moldova)

3 – Marcel Grabinski (Germany)

4 – Issa Isakov (Belgium)

5 – Ahmed Labban (Lebanon)

Super Welterweight – vacant title

1 – Abdoul Abdouraguimov (France)

2 – Ismail Naurdiev (Austria)

3 – Marcin Bandel (Poland)

4 – Kamal Magomedov (Russia)

5 – Olli Santalahti (Finland)

Middleweight – vacant title
1 – Abusupyan Alikhanov (Russia)

2 – Chad Hanekom (South Africa)

3 – Rustam Chsiev (Russia)

4 – Enrico Cortese (Italy)

5 – Murtaza Talha (Bahrain)

Author: Robert Belen

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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