BRAVE CF Elevating Belarus’ Finest And Making Way To Next Generation of Europe MMA Stars

BRAVE Combat Federation is embarking into a new territory this summer and turning the heads across the world towards a country blossoming with ripe and talented fighters as it hosts BRAVE CF 51 in Minsk, Belarus on June 4th. The groundbreaking show will take place in association with Rukh Sport Management and is expected to be the biggest-ever martial arts event in the country’s history. 

Belarus has long been a hotbed for athletes and is renowned for sports with a history of producing top olympians in athletics, tennis, aerials and team sports securing over 90 olympic medals since 1994.

Over the past decade, the mixed martial arts scene has been developing in Belarus as more specialist fighters ventured towards various combinations of combat sports and local tournaments started developing. Shortly after local and regional champions were crowned, and few fighters went out seeking global titles. 

The prominence of local promotions certainly prepared them for this next step; competing at the only truly global MMA and fastest growing MMA promotion in the world BRAVE CF.

BRAVE CF 51 marks a moment of transformation for various Belarusian fighters taking part in the largest MMA event to ever take place on home soil.

The Amateur European World Champion and only ever Belarusian Hand to Hand Combat World Champion Denis Maher excelled in the local scene becoming Middleweight Champion nationally.

At BRAVE CF 51, he is getting the opportunity to prove his skills on a global platform against the Swedish-Argentinian Fernando Gonzalez from the world-renowned All-Stars Gym. 

Another local champion, Featherweight Vladislav Novitskiy will also be put to the test at BRAVE CF 51 in a matchup pitting two of the best Featherweights in a standup Bantamweight war.

Novitskiy spent his career collecting accolades in the Amateur European Championship, H2H Fighting European Championship, and H2H Fighting World Championship getting ready for his global debut opportunity.

He will be going against France’s K-1 Champion and #1 Featherweight Yanis Ghemmouri from Bulgarian Top Team.

The most famous and feared Belarusian MMA fighter Vadim Kutsyi will not be missing this occasion to lead the inevitable rise of the upcoming generation of Belarusian MMA fighters.

He has come a long way since becoming the 2014 Belarusian Amateur MMA Champion, the 3x Europe Champion and Vice World Champion before competing for a title at a regional promotion. The only step for Kutsyi after becoming regional Middleweight World Champion is to compete at the leading MMA promotion in Europe.

Other Belarusian getting the opportunity to ascend at BRAVE CF 51 include the WAKO Kickboxing European and World Champion Murat Azerbiev, the Wushu Sanda Belarusian Champion, European and World medalist Evgeniy Sleptsov, and Vadim Rolich.

Author: Robert Belen

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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