Danny Kingad Looks Back On Tough Clash Against Demetrious Johnson

Team Lakay’s Danny “The King” Kingad has faced the best of the ONE Championship Flyweight division, but there is one specific match which he believes really brought out the best in him.

At ONE: CENTURY PART I last October, Kingad shared the circle with the legendary Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson in the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix Championship Final and it was hands down the toughest contest he has ever been in his life.

“I have faced a lot in the flyweight division, but my match against DJ, that’s what I would consider the toughest fight I’ve been in,” Kingad stated.

“I knew coming in he was fast. I was a fan of him and I really prepared for that aspect but when you’re in there with him, his speed is different. You really have to be there to experience it yourself.”

Heading to his showdown with Johnson, Kingad was on a six-match winning streak as he beat the likes of Tatsumitsu “The Sweeper” Wada, Yuya “Little Piranha” Wakamatsu and Reece “Lightning” McLaren all of which are quality opponents in their own right.

However, Kingad believes Johnson is a different beast altogether.

“I was trying to catch him with something, or match his intensity inside the Circle but he was just simply too quick. I trained really hard for that match knowing what’s at stake for me if I win the ONE Flyweight World Grand Prix,” he stated.

“But man, was he tough. He was really really quick and I believe that was the biggest difference in our match.”

But at age 24, it only toughens Kingad up for the future and hopefully, he gets a crack at the legendary American one more time somewhere down the road.

“That match taught me a lot which I am thankful for. I am more challenged to push myself during training. I keep on telling myself that if DJ can do it, so can I. I just have to be more dedicated in training,” Kingad stated.

“Now it’s on to the next one. I have to learn from my previous matches, and if I continue to win I know we’ll face each other again,” he added. “When the time comes, I’ll do everything to make sure it’s my turn to win.”

Author: Robert Belen

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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