Andrei Stoica At Home Competing Among the Best in ONE Super Series

Growing up in Bucharest, Andrei Stoica was fascinated by martial arts. It is something he felt that he was intended for him. Now as an athlete with ONE Championship, Stoica is competing among the best of the best in his chosen field.

Stoica will face Anderson Silva this Friday night at ONE: MARK OF GREATNESS. The event will take place at the Axiata Arena in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on 6 December.

Looking back on his career, Stoica says he was destined for this path.

“From childhood, I was always a hardcore fan of martial arts and I loved the combat sports,” Stoica said.

“I always knew I would become a fighter; it was like a calling. Something was pushing me to start practicing martial arts and begin a fighting career. I guess God had a great plan for me to do what I love for the rest of my life, to become an example for those around me and my people.”

Stoica, nicknamed “Mister KO,” has 28 victories by knockout out of 50 career wins. At the age of 11, he began training judo before he transitioned to wushu and kickboxing. He made his kickboxing debut when he turned 22 and won by first-round knockout.

Stoica, a former SUPERKOMBAT Super Cruiserweight World Champion, is a three-time gold medalist in wushu and a Romanian national champion.

He is no stranger to competing among the very best. So when he joined ONE Super Series, he felt right at home.

“I have been competing all over the world and I have fought in all the important kickboxing organizations in the world and I am a pretty popular athlete,” Stoica said.

“But I never felt better than in ONE. I feel good from beginning to end. Everybody is nice to you whether you win or lose. You are treated like a champion, you are treated like a king and I find this delightful – to see ONE respects their athletes so much and places them above all else.”

With ONE Championship gold on his mind, Stoica continues his quest towards the world title.

“At this moment, I think it is every fighter’s dream to sign with ONE Championship and become their champion,” Stoica said.

“I realize I have great competition, but that motivates me even more and makes me want to overcome my limits. All I do is keep training seriously, working very hard, being determined and give my best in the ring or the cage.”

Author: Paulo Errazo

Paulo Errazo has been an avid combat sports fan who covers MMA, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai. He loves to put into words the thoughts and stories of athletes and bring out their emotions in every article. Aside from combat sports, Paulo also frequently plays football/soccer.

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