Other Than Winning, Hamza Kooheji Values Representing Bahrain

After his astonishing return inside the Brave Combat Federation stage, Hamza Kooheji was happy to represent his country again.

The pride of Bahrain electrified the sold-out crowd at the Khalifa Sports City Arena In Bahrain after scoring a third-round TKO win over Nahuel “El Roble” Gandolfi of Argentina on the main event of BRAVE CF 29, the promotion’s biggest show of the year, last Friday, November 15.

This was Kooheji’s first appearance under the Bahrain-based promotion this 2019 after scoring back-to-back wins to end his 2018 campaign on top.

But most importantly, this was another opportunity of a lifetime for the Bahraini star to showcase his talents, exhibiting how Bahrainis were truly world-class in the fastest-growing sport around the globe.

“I’m very happy and motivated every time I compete in Bahrain. Seeing the crowd just energizes me to perform better,” said Kooheji

“I was very excited to compete again. I was sidelined due to my injury for almost 10 months and I’m very happy I was able to get the win in my return and to showcase my skills to my always supportive countrymen,” he added.

Trained by current Brave Combat Federation president Mohammed “The Hawk” Shahid and his brother Yousif Al Kooheji, Hamza feels very blessed every time he competes and represents his nation. More than winning, he is proud and happy to carry the whole nation on his shoulders.

According to Kooheji, having the privilege to represent the country in front of a worldwide audience gives him added strength and motivation to perform at his best in all of his bouts, especially that he knows that his countrymen will always be there for him regardless if he wins or loses.

“When I fight in Bahrain, I don’t feel pressured and stressed. I feel very relaxed and motivated to compete. Maybe because I know that the people of Bahrain will still be there for me regardless of the outcome of my fight,” Kooheji shared.

“People of Bahrain will be there for you not only when you win but even if you lose. They will love you and make you a part of their family. It’s in our culture. People of Bahrain will not only be there just because you won but because you are one of them.”

Completely healthy at the moment, Kooheji hopes to compete again before the year ends, but if that option is not available, the 26-year-old mixed martial arts star plans to fight 3 to 4 times next year.

“I only fought once this year, so I’m hoping to fight again this December. But for next year, I’m planning to fight 3 to 4 times,” Kooheji revealed.

“I’m ready to go to fight again. I’m ready to raise my country’s flag again,” he ended.

Author: Fight Game Asia

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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