Masvidal Destroys Askren In Historic Fashion

Five seconds.

That’s all it took for Jorge Masvidal (34-13, 11-6 UFC) to hand Ben Askren (19-1, 1-1 UFC) the first loss of his MMA career.

As much has been said about Askren’s unblemished professional MMA record that stood for over 10 years, Masvidal silenced all the chatter and noise that hounded their matchup leading to UFC 239 in the most abrupt and emphatic fashion.

Fastest knockout in UFC history to be specific. Five seconds.

Not even typing a “Boom! roasted” tweet the infamous online troll Askren has become known for takes that long.

“I really wanted to beat him up for 14 minutes and 30 seconds before ending him, but it didn’t happen,” Masvidal said after the fight. “Now it’s back to business. I have nothing nice to say about him. He was talking wild and I had to show him there are consequences. You’re welcome for ending that dude.”

The bad blood between the two who had already been trading insults and barbs even before their fight was booked was finally settled with one fell swoop immediately after the opening bell when Askren attempted to shoot for a takedown and was met square in the jaw by Masdival’s flying knee. Askren was out cold instantly, as Masvidal snuck in a couple of punches for good measure.

With the win, Masdival has his eyes set on one thing, but couldn’t resist to throw one last tirade toward his fallen nemesis.

“I’m coming for that belt. You know who deserves that belt. I deserve that next title shot. After this performance, I don’t want to say anything. I’ll let the fans do the talking. They pay guys to fight. if you want to see a fighter, and not someone on social media talking about fighting, that’s me,” Masdival proclaimed while alluding to Askren’s online antics. “He talks on Twitter and then put his crotch on people’s face without throwing punches.”

Author: Dennis "DSource" Guillermo

Esoteric. Authentic. @dRealSource on Twitter

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