Cage Warriors 105 Weigh-In Results

Cage Warriors 105 is almost upon us. Today, just over 24 hours out, the fighters hit the scales to make their bouts official in anticipation of Europe’s leading MMA promotion’s return to Colchester, England.

Heading up the card is a mouth-watering lightweight clash between Tim Barnett (155.7 lbs) and Sean Carter (155.9 lbs). Liverpool faithful Barnett will be entering enemy territory, looking to display his vibrant striking game against home town grappling ace, Carter in this true North vs. South encounter. Both men officially weighed in at 155 lbs, making their fight official.

The CW105 co-main event will also showcase another lightweight tilt with potential title implications as Norwegian technician Alexander Jacobsen (155 lbs) goes head to head with Belgian Donovan Desmae (154.7 lbs). Both coming off losses in their last contests, they will be highly motivated to put on a show and get their lightweight title surges back on track.

Forming the trio of lightweight bouts on the card, this time on the Pro Prelims is Craig Edwards (155.2 lbs) vs. Steven Hooper (155.1 lbs). Edwards and Hooper both weighed in at a perfect on the mark at 155 lbs ensuring fans will be rewarded with a fast-paced, technical matchup come Friday when the cage door closes – this is definitely one to tune in early for.

Highly touted women’s MMA prospect Cory McKenna hit the scales at 115.8 lbs just weeks after her last win at CW104 to take on Italian born Giulia Chinello (113.2 lbs). McKenna snatched an impressive second-round submission in her last fight and will be looking to capitalise on her good form against debuting Chinello. However, Chinello will be hoping to make a point in her first Cage Warriors outing, using McKenna’s notoriety to pull off a win and gain some immediate traction in the division.

The CW105 main card also features a matchup between flourishing featherweights Aiden Stephen (145.8 lbs) and Steve Aimable (145.4 lbs), alongside an expected middleweight tear-up between Alex Montagnani (183 lbs) and Mick Stanton (185.4 lbs).

CW105 will take place at the Charter Hall in Colchester this Friday, May 31st. Doors open at 5 PM as there is also a stacked amateur lineup containing talent from the Cage Warriors Academy South East.

There are still a limited number of tickets available here.

Full weigh-in results:


Main Event – Lightweight

Tim Barnett (155.7 lbs) vs. Sean Carter (155.9 lbs)


Alexander Jacobsen (155 lbs) vs. Donovan Desmae (154.7 lbs)


Aiden Stephen (145.8 lbs) vs. Steve Aimable (145.4 lbs)


Mick Stanton (185.4 lbs) vs. Alex Montagnani (183 lbs)


Giulia Chinello (113.2 lbs) vs. Cory McKenna (115.8 lbs)


190lbs catchweight

Michael Younis (189.6 lbs) vs. Dawid Mazur (188.6 lbs)


Steven Hooper (155.1 lbs) vs. Craig Edwards (155.2 lbs)


Nathan Fletcher (135 lbs) vs. Rico Biggs (133.2 lbs)


Chris Sterling (134.8 lbs) vs. Dan Kneil (134.5 lbs)


CWA South East Featherweight Title Fight

Will Timmis (144.1 lbs) vs. Gheorgita Tanasa (144.6 lbs)

Interim CWA South East Welterweight Title Fight

Mark Harris (173.4 lbs*) vs. Mihai Zmarandescu (167.5 lbs)


Oli Hooley (167.7 lbs) vs. Joseph Parker (168.5 lbs)


Tommy Gibbs (124.9 lbs) vs. Chey Veal (127.9 lbs**)


Conon Barbaru (168.4 lbs) vs. Ethan Barry (165.6 lbs)


Lee Anthony (154.2 lbs) vs. Caleb Coombes (155.8 lbs)

(*Mark Harris failed to make the championship weight and will not be able to win the interim title should he be victorious)

Author: Fight Game Asia

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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