Brave 23: Can Al-Selawe Stop The Conqueror’s Undefeated Streak?

When Jarrah Al-Selawe takes to the Brave Arena to defend his title for the first time, a whole nation will be with him. The Brave Combat Federation Welterweight champion will meet undefeated grappler Abdoul Abdouraguimov in the main event of Brave 23, on April 19th, in his home country of Jordan.

Al-Selawe last fought at home in March of last year, and will now return to Amman as a world champion, after beating former titleholder Carlston Harris in devastating fashion back at Brave 16.

The Jordanian icon has yet to taste defeat inside the Brave Arena and holds the record for most wins in the promotion. With 13 wins and two losses as a professional, Al-Selawe is one of a few athletes that can say that he beat the men that gave him his pro defeats.

In order to maintain the title, he needs to go through grappler Abdouraguimov, who has impressed since signing with the biggest promotion in the Middle East.

One of MMA’s most versatile figures, Al-Selawe has shown incredible improvements in his overall game, making him one of the most dangerous fighters in the world. Since signing with Brave, “The Jordanian Lion” has been able to neutralize all of his six opponents.

A complete and well-rounded athlete, Al-Selawe has used his wrestling and grappling prowess against the likes of Carl Booth, Tahar Hadbi and Daniele Scatizzi, all of them world-class strikers.
He also holds a KO victory over Luta Livre (a Brazilian grappling discipline) standout Carlston Harris and even submitted grappler David Bear, proving his biggest asset is indeed the way he feels comfortable wherever the fight goes.

And he will need that in order to take the undefeated tag off of Abdouraguimov. A devastating grappler, known for his brutal ground and pound, the French-Russian phenom has been flawless in his two Brave outings.

In his promotional debut, Abdouraguimov was able to outwrestle Sidney Wheeler. The American fighter is a decorated wrestler, with multiple state championships at High School level, but was disposed of by Abdoul’s pressure game and succumbed to a first-round TKO.

Next, “The Conqueror” took on the biggest challenge of his career before Al-Selawe: Rodrigo Cavalheiro, a veteran of 30 MMA fights and multiple boxing and jiu-jitsu contests. In the main event of Brave 17, Abdoul once again used his grappling and wrestling to stifle any offense from the Brazilian striker and dominated his opponent in only his tenth professional bout.

The title contender also showed improvements in the stand-up department, using strong leg kicks to measure the distance and confusing his rival.

As he’s comfortable in more areas, Al-Selawe will probably look to stay on the outside, and pepper Abdouraguimov with jabs and quick straight punches, as well as try to avoid the ground game of “The Conqueror”. But even if Abdoul is successful in taking the fight to the ground, “The Jordanian Lion” has proven he has great jiu-jitsu from bottom position. His triangle choke submission of David Bear is proof of that.

One of the most anticipated matchups in Welterweight history is the main course for a historical evening of fights at Brave 23. Who will take home Brave gold?

Author: Fight Game Asia

Robert Belen is a long-time combat sports writer for dSource Boxing. An avid sports fan, he knows no fear nor partiality in his reporting. If you have a problem with him, tell it to his face. (We bid you not.) You can follow him on Twitter @robertbelen

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