Pacquiao Should Avoid Thurman, Spence, Crawford, young lions

At 40-years-old, Manny Pacquiao proved that he is still one of the top welterweight boxers in the world after he dominated 29-year-old four-division champion Adrien Broner.

As far as accolades, Pacquiao has accomplished everything any boxer could ever hope for. From being the sport’s only 8-division world champion, to victories over some of the biggest names in boxing like Oscar Dela Hoya, Shane Mosley, Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales to name a few, down to amassing a fortune well over 100 million dollars in fight purses alone, the Filipino legend clearly has nothing to prove.

Manny Pacquiao at Wild Card Gym – Photo by: Jhay Oh Otamias

After his impressive performance against Broner, Pacquiao is entertaining thoughts of facing young lions such as Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, Jr., Mikey Garcia, Terrence Crawford and a few other names, with Thurman being the frontrunner. These are all potentially crowd-pleasing fights that will create a huge buzz for boxing. Pacquiao has claimed that he wants to fight a couple more years in the name of his passion for boxing.

“My journey in this sport is still continuing. I’ve accomplished everything I’ve wanted to, but I also want to continue to keep my name at the top,” Pacquiao told media members in January. “Even at 40 years old, I can still show the best of Manny Pacquiao. I’m going to give the fans the speed and power that they’re used to seeing.” As long as he feels his body is still up to the task, Pacquiao said he will keep fighting.

Though I commend the Filipino legend for wanting to take on the biggest challenges and top opponents, taking on these young studs at this stage of his career isn’t only unwise, but also dangerous for his health. Pacquiao’s fighting style is to take hits and trade blows, so he can impose his aggression. And as much as Broner is a young former champ, his style and offensive abilities are nowhere close compared to the welterweight division’s elite. And so what if he beats them? It’s not as if they will add to his already storied legacy. It’s truly a no-win situation for Pacquiao. Huge risk, little gain.

If Pacquiao had Floyd Mayweather, Jr.’s defensive skills, then fighting these younger names won’t be as dangerous. But then again, nobody has that kind of defensive ability and Pacquiao’s is not even close.

The fighting pride of the Philippines will pay dearly if he chooses pride over common sense. Just look at the Mayweather blueprint of how he managed the latter part of his career and hand-picked his opponents. And even if he looks at his path to greatness, those prideful, older legends who later on became feathers in his cap were all led to retirement after he dispatched of them.

Despite their disappointing first fight, truth is, the only fight fans want to see Pacquiao and Mayweather involved in is a redeeming rematch against each other. If that can’t happen, Pacquiao should just focus on helping the people of his country as a politician rather than risking his health and legacy by taking unnecessary risks.

And if he must fight someone else due to Mayweather’s reluctance to come back from retirement, he should stick to Broner-level opponents who he can look good against and yet still sell fights. Broner accomplished that perfectly with his trash talk and abrasive behavior outside the ring complemented by his lack of activity and aggression inside it. Think Andre Berto, Paulie Malignaggi or even Amir Khan if he survives Crawford. He can even explore Shawn Porter, who is a younger champ as well and used to be Pacquiao’s sparring partner and is a tough, rugged opponent. But Porter doesn’t have the type of skill of a Thurman or Crawford nor the punching power of Spence or Garcia.

Author: Pablo Moreno, Jr.

Lifelong student of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and an avid boxing and MMA fan.

16 thoughts

  1. stupidity garcia? in 147 have power … at 140 lbs 147lbs paquiao will bully him Mr. writer … Thurman will be tough but still it will be 50/50 fight … Manny have so many angles he will be surprise …


  2. Avoid Thurman, Spence and Crawford? Pacquiao want to be a Fighter of the decade for the second time, this three are his tickets.


  3. What are you talking about, Manny is an elite fighter…no sign of rustiness. He will be at par at those young fighters an elite as you say. Broner is a runner defense and defense all the time much like mayweather and this is what Pacquiao has some problem, he is lounging just to catch these guys running you think mayweather dominated him? Never Pacquiao was dominated in his fight except he gets to be knocked out. Manny poses more danger to these guys than to him actually. you can bet on your young fighter when fight comes.


  4. the author assumes he knows what is Manny’s body condition and strength even at 40.. Test himself first at age 39 if he can replicate even Manny’s half achievements. Just another gum flapping wannabe writer.


  5. You know sir, you don’t really knows the true power and skills and fighting spirit of Manny Pacquiao. Lots of naysayers like you seems don’t truly understand what MP has within him. Only himself can truly determines how stong and powerful fighter he is at this stage despite of his age. If boxing his true lifetime passion, never underestimate his boxing ability and special skills. If you and I haven’t tastes his punching power and fighting skills yer It means that we cannot able to undermine his true passion in this sports of boxing. Regardless of his potential next opponent who can truly younger and very skillful fighters than he is right now. That’s his own personal decision, not by someone else’s choosing who he should fight with in the very near future. A lot of people are truly underestimating his own boxing capability at this point, because he’s now getting older but his emotional being as far as concerns. He still have the strong determination and the great fighting experience that he always has throughout the years. At age 40, he still can truly compete with much younger and stronger guys. That’d what makes him so tough still yet, despite of his few losses in the past. MP still loves the great sports of boxing, no matter who will be his great boxing opponent.Only he can truly believes in his own fighting skills and power to fight anyone in his league at this point. No one should determines his great fighting potential at this stage for him, including his own family and closed associates.


  6. Writers in the boxing sports are usually making negative personal assumptions of a certain skilled and experienced fighter like Manny Pacquiao. They usually make their own personal predictions and crazy analysis before a certain fight event. They should not really determines or undermines a fighter’s fighting spirit. Manny Pacquiao is a very much special talented skilled fighter he is, even at age 40, he still capable to beat someone’s ass out there. Manny Pacquiao is a very spiritual gifted fighter with strong willpower to fight. Please never underestimate his own boxing skills, no matter what. His strong self-belief in a fight event with younger fighters will determines inside the ring during fight night, win or lose! And also, a lot of people are always writing him off at this time because of his own deminishing fighting skills. Well, that’s their own stupid opinions and predictions. The only one that these writers can’t truly noticed about MP’s fighting skills is his mental focus and fighting and true spiritual wisdom within him. Not only for Manny Pacquiao, but as well for any particular great fighters out there in any type of contact fighting sports.


  7. Mr. writer, you got it all wrong, it’s purely nonsense writing, how can you compare these young lions to the gigantic flawless skills set of pacman, Most specially Pacman’s braveheart all out war is not comparable. He does not afraid whether he loose hes teeth or even eyes in the fight, We know that pacman got knockout many times in the fight with marquez that because marquez has the same level of skill set and a braveheart also. But you know i got your point here, you might these young lions to gain more confidence to launch PACMAN fight, because these fellows is not an Elite fighter yet, they must get past the PACMAN who is a truly an ELITE fighter!


  8. MP is not like money gayweather! Hes not a cherrie picker boxer and he can fight any body! Dis writer is a full of shit! You can eat your words after MP fight dis u called young lions😠


  9. I agree with a lot of your points Pablo. It seems like nobody cared to understand what the story was really meaning. Pacquiao is a legend and doesn’t need to risk his health and legacy against these young and dangerous opponents. I do believe Pacquiao can beat them but you’re right, why risk your health and end up like great legends like Ali who got permanent damage. I just want a rematch with Floyd without the injured shoulder and see how Pacquiao can really do against him.


  10. Mr. Pablo Moreno, how many times you bet against Pacquiao and proven wrong? Boxing fans should avoid reading your articles.


  11. Im a big Pacquiao fan and I feel the same way as the author. There are too many blind followers here refusing to see logic. Fighting these guys are not worth the risk of losing his health and legacy. He may outpoint Thurman or Porter but the Garcias, Crawford, and Spence will knock him out cold worse than Marquez. This is no longer the Pacquiao that beat Cotto Hatton and Dela Hoya.


  12. I dont agree.. the only fights Pacquiao should not think about are spence and Crawford but other than that 2.. he can take it against the lights of D. Garcia. M. Garcia. Thurman and porter bring then all and eat your words.. manny is loved by fans coz hes not a cherry picker fighter like floyd.. he fights the best..and know here we go again trying to discredit mannys achievements.. when he beats mathyse they say hes soft.. now he beats broner they say hes taylor made for manny.. lets see if he beat thurman what u gonna say then.. and another thing what you saying about common sense? You dont have it 😂😂😂👈


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