Mark Sangiao Against John Kavanagh at Brave Combat Federation in Belfast

The main event of Brave 13: Europe Evolution hosted on 9th June at Belfast, Northern Ireland headlines Frans Mlambo from SBG Ireland facing the current champion, Stephen Loman from Team Lakay for the Bantamweight championship. The fight marks the second time the two fabled gyms from Europe and Asia are tested against each other. The first clash resulted in Team Lakay gaining the upper hand with Loman winning the bout by unanimous decision despite Mlambo gaining the upper hand.

The matchup also features extremely contrasting fight teams trained by two of the greatest minds in Mixed Martial Arts. Mark Sangiao who is the head coach is undeniably one of the top coaches in the Asia and have elevated Team Lakay into one among the top fight teams in Asia. Meanwhile SBG Ireland and John Kavanagh have their position as one among the best in the world. Both coaches were successful in highlighting their respective nations in the MMA world. While prospects trained by Kavanagh had found success in Bellator and UFC, Sangiao had made his mark in One Championship with the athletes he had trained.

However in Brave Combat Federation, both legends are struggling to replicate the same level of success they had found with their fight teams facing shocking upsets over the previous editions in the promotions. Frans Mlambo and Stephen Loman are by far the most successful fighters at Brave Combat Federation from their respective fight teams and the upcoming bout is not only the clash of two of the best bantamweight prospects in the world, but also between the top fight teams in Asia and Europe and between two of the geniuses who had made their mark as coaches.

Author: Dennis "DSource" Guillermo

Esoteric. Authentic. @dRealSource on Twitter

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